The Quote

We will provide an expert quote that will take into consideration every aspect of your unique requirements. Rest assured there will be no hidden costs that will "pop up" through the course of the project.


Protecting your property inside or out is important to us.  You don't want paint drops and spills on your car, your floor, furniture or your concrete.  You only want paint where it is supposed to be.  We carefully move your furniture and belongings and use tarps and plastic sheeting to proctect your things.


An excellent painting job depends on proper preparation of the surfaces to be painted.  Whether it is filling holes. cracks and gouges, cleaning and sanding the preparation is key to making your paint job turn out beautifully.

Painting the surfaces

Applying the paint is what we do.  Even coverage and neatly trimmed in a professional skilled, manner makes for a beautiful and long lasting paint job.

Clean up and restoration

Once the painting is complete, clean up and restoring your property back to normal is the next priority.  While we won't rehang your wall hangings, we will place your furniture back where it belongs.

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